Welcome to Our Delicious Cakes!

From the Pitcher's Mound to the Kitchen

A Bum's Rum Cake was originally founded in 2012 by a former major league pitcher who traded curve balls for the culinary arts....specifically, rum cakes, after an inspiring trip to the Caribbean.   He created and tweaked the cake to perfection for family and friends, all of whom urged him to go into business.

Mr. Bum is on to other interesting projects and a new (Ms.) Bum took on this wonderful business.  Ms. Bum spent a number of years working for an Austrian baker while finishing degrees and then went off to have a career. She has now returned to her love of baking and takes great pride in making these wonderful desserts for your family, friends, and clients.  Every cake is made from scratch with the finest tasting rum.

Our Service

One of the great pleasures of owning a business is the opportunity to get to know the preferences of our customers and to know things are going well with their celebrations throughout the years. We take great care in service to you.


We are happy to answer email, phone calls, and texts, but all orders must be placed on line so that we will not lose anyone! And believe me, we can do that if it is on a scrap of paper while multi-tasking.

Cakes normally ship out within 24 hours of receipt of order. If you need your cake by a certain date, it is very important to add a note in the note area during check out. UPS and USPS are often delayed in their deliveries during this Covid time, so please give the order enough time to arrive.

Please also add any best wishes, happy birthday, congratulation messages in the note area. We often send a full size card with your message. 


We ship to all 50 states and the territories. Please be sure to add extra delivery time to your order during the holiday seasons. We have a number of flavors, but we usually always have Vanilla rum cakes in stock for fast shipping. 

Local Pick Up

cakes must be ordered on line ahead of pickup as this keeps us organized! Covid has changed our pick up options. 

We bake in a commercial kitchen that around the  corner of a now out of business brewery named "A Thirsty Nomad Brewery" and you can still find us in maps via that brewery. The kitchen is located around the right side corner of the building and does not have signage.

Address: 4402 Stuart Andrew Blvd
Charlotte, North Carolina 28217

We can offer pick up on Saturdays from 9 am to noon. Cakes can also be picked up at the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market at Dunx's Coffee.  While there you might want to pick up a wonderfully smooth cup of brew or iced coffee!  

Care and Serving

Your cake is freshly baked and will stay fresh wrapped as received for 4-6 weeks. Once opened, you can tightly wrap the cake and keep it on your counter. Refrigerating it will extend the freshness and you can put the entire package into the freezer. Per a customer, it has been known to last a year in a good freezer. She discovered the boxed cake and served it to company who loved it. I would suggest 3 months would be best. Chuckle.  

Small Business and Corporate Purchasing

Our cakes come in nice gift boxes and make perfect appreciation and celebration gifts for customers and employees.  We offer discount pricing for large orders placed for gift giving. Please contact us  at for pricing when placing large orders. Or call if you need to have questions answered. 


We wholesale to resellers and work with charities running fundraisers. Please contact us at for more information

 See FAQ page for other questions. 

 For all the latest news and happenings, be sure to follow Ms. Bum on Facebook and Instagram!


There's a little bit of Bum in all of us.  Enjoy!!