From the pitcher's mound to the kitchen

A Bum's Rum Cake was originally founded in 2012 by a former major league pitcher who traded curve balls for the culinary arts....specifically, rum cakes, after an inspiring trip to the Caribbean.   He created and tweaked the cake to perfection for family and friends, all of whom urged him to go into business.

      Mr. Bum is on to other interesting projects and a new (Ms.) Bum took on this wonderful business.  Ms. Bum spent a number of years working for an Austrian baker while in HS and College and then went off to have a career. She has now returned to her love of baking and takes great pride in making these wonderful desserts for your family, friends, and clients.  Every cake is made from scratch with the finest tasting rum.


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There's a little bit of Bum in all of us.  Enjoy!!